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The Ultimate Companion
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The Ultimate Companion is a mind control series created for you by Dream Girls. This insightful series is a set of four incredibly advanced Subliminal MP3 programs that are individually recorded with your (Full Name) carefully incorporated into the subliminal messages.

Training The Ultimate Companion is a carefully scripted mind control series you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Each of our programs is sold separately for $129.95 each, or you can get the complete series for only $500.00 Order Now

Purchase the following ‘Mind Control Subliminal’ program from us:

Hearing your full name repeatedly in this devastating program ‘I Belong to You – Mind Control Subliminal’, will produce the willing desire within your dream girl to become something that will forever belong to you.

She will want to give herself to you completely.
She will begin to see herself as something that belongs to you.
She will be more than willing to love, honor and obey you.

Get this Mind Control Subliminal for only $129.95

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